Discover Our Eco Farm

Broiler Farm

Our farm located in Al Ain, is a fully integrated Broiler farm, on an 800,000 square meters area to produce & supply 6000 tons of Broiler meat yearly.

Our project consists of Integrated Broiler components & solutions with latest & innovative technological aspects from the leading & top suppliers from worldwide.

The project components are as listed below:
  • Hatchery
  • 21 Broiler Houses
  • Feed Mill
  • Slaughter House
  • Rendering Plant

Hatchery- Arabian Farms

Arabian Farms have new modern incubators which are designed and built to maximise the hatchery performance technically and economically year after year.The new setters are equipped with a capacity of 387,072 eggs per cycle.

21 Broiler Houses- Arabian Farms

The latest constructed Broiler houses are technologically advanced and are equipped with latest technical advancements which are fully automated temperature controlled houses which can be placed with 33,600 birds per each house.

Feed Mill- Arabian Farms

The feed mills we adopted have a module design to realize and customized poultry feed requirements. Meanwhile, we have deep processing and innovative machines which provide us a qualitative and safe feed for our feed mills (Silos) efficiently.

The advanced technology used in our feed processing technology is bound to professional & rich processing technology to ensure the most strict hygiene standards in feed milling and to reduce pollution and cross contamination.

The production capacity of the Feed Mill is: 10 Tons per Hour.

Processing Plant/Slaughter House

Our technologically advanced poultry processing plant includes:

  • Live bird handling
  • Chilling
  • Killing and de-feathering
  • Portion cutting
  • Evisceration
  • Grading, Batching and packing.
  • Giblet processing
  • Storing

We are able to cover each process stage, from live bird handling to packing. With a strong focus on innovative technologies which provides best solutions for our production capacity level as below:

  • Production of 3000 Birds per hour
  • 8 hours per day.
  • 70% whole birds, 20% portions & 10% frozen.

Rendering Plant-Arabian Farms Mixed Poultry Rendering

Poultry by-products - such as carcasses, bones, offal, feathers, fat and blood - which are not intended for human consumption are transformed into valuable proteins, minerals and oils.

We have processes and equipment that helps us face challenges & solutions to focus on efficient utilization of raw materials and energy, as well as on product quality, regulatory conformance and environmental impact.