Advantages of Pasteurized Shell Eggs

  • Eliminate the risk of Salmonella food-borne illness as well as Avian Influenza Viruses
  • Shell life is greatly improved.
  • Destroys bacteria without changing the look or taste of shell eggs.
  • Completely safe by pasteurizing shell eggs
  • Meet the requirement of FDA
  • Reduction in food cost due to longer shelf life
  • Eliminates insurance claims and loss of good will due to illness from shell eggs
  • Requires to serve pasteurized eggs to risk groups (hospital and nursing home patients, adults over 55, children and diabetics)
  • Best to be served to risk groups
  • -Retain all of the characteristics of a raw egg.

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Technical Points

  • First and new in that the temperature of the center of yolk may be higher than other points (yolk or white), accordingly the pasteurization in the center of yolk does not necessarily guarantee pasteurization in other points of the egg.
  • Pasteurize Salmonella as well as highest level of Avian Influenza Viruses
  • The pasteurization of the center of the yolk may not guarantee pasteurization of white or other yolk in the eggs.
  • Most advanced in technology and theory: When the points of lowest temperatures through the egg are pasteurized then the whole eggs are pasteurized.
  • During the pasteurizing process, the temperature of the center of yolk stays at or above the planned temperature but the temperatures of other yolk points may deviate that temperature through the process.
  • Even in the cooling process, pasteurization is still in process, accordingly this must be reflected in pasteurizing eggs. The center of yolk is cooled slower than other yolk points. Some outer yoke may not pasteurized even the center is pasteurized.
  • If the egg is laid long time ago, the yolk is getting close to the shell and the center of yolk gets higher temperature than other yolk. This can cause un-pasteurized eggs.

Key Features

  • Quality is the most premium and incomparable with regular eggs.
  • Pasteurized with 100% safe Korean/US/EU patented technology.
  • Pasteurization kills bacteria and viruses. These eggs look, cook and taste just like other shell eggs.
  • Keep your kitchen safe from cross contamination and allow you to eat eggs any way you like, even RAW.