Arabian Farms Development Co Ltd (Dubai) is a branch of a Saudi Based Company established in the year 1999.
It is strategically located about 50 kms south of Dubai on the main DUBAI – HATTA highway.
The farm is spread over a compact area of 1 Million Sq. Feet area and is integrated to produce its own feed as well.
It has 3 rearing and 7 laying houses which are environmentally controlled having a full capacity to produce almost 100 Million table eggs per year.

The main resources include

  • Rearing Farms with 3 environmentally controlled houses.
  • Laying Farm with 7 environmentally controlled houses.
  • Egg collection stations equipped with technologically advanced machinery from MOBA Holland to handle all egg grading, packing and storage activities.
  • Shell Egg pasteurization machine.
  • Well equipped laboratory to carry out all Microbiological and Chemical tests in house to make informed decisions on maintaining the health of our chickens as well as assessing the quality of our final products.
  • A fleet of vehicles to facilitate feed and egg deliveries.
  • A self-sufficient work shop to handle all the maintenance and repair works.
  • A strong team of more than 120 well qualified, experienced and skilled people to run the business in a professional manner.
  • Above all a very committed top management and a strong corporate brand name of SAHA Dubai Eggs.

Arabian Farms Dev Co. produces eggs from the German breed of chickens called LOHMANN imported from their franchisees in Holland and Saudi Arabia.

Utmost care is taken to rear, grow and manage the chickens in an ideal environmental condition as per the international standards to produce good quality eggs.

Special care in the form of strict “Biological Security” is taken to ensure that the chickens remain healthy, free from any kind of harmful diseases and well protected as per the welfare standards.

All the quality checked eggs are packed into SAHA Dubai Eggs and also private labels for the leading market chains like Lulu (lulu) and Abu Dhabi Co Ops (Sondoz).

We also produce specialized designer eggs such as Omega 3 and Pasteurised eggs in shell which have additional health and safety benefits for the consumers.