Our Production

Due to population increase and demand in the United Arab Emirates, our business has grown in the past few years as well as our network distribution.Read more

Feed Mill

Arabian Farms Dev. Co. Ltd erected Feed Mill in 2000 to become self sufficient and to maintain the quality of the Feed Produced. Feed mill is fully automated with the latest computerized German technology to cope up with the demand in production and quality. Total capacity of the feed mill is 60 Tons per day.Read more

Rearing and Layer House

Day old chicks are placed in the rearing house and grown till pullet stage ,then the Layers are brought to the layer houses at about 16weeks of age, about 500 yards away.The temperature of the pullet house is warm to make sure that chickens do not bunch together. Read more


In a grading station, eggs are received, candled, weighed and packed into containers with the applicable grade name in an inspected, sanitary environment.
Eggs are received and held in a sanitary, refrigerated holding area which is separate from the area where the eggs are graded.Read more


Eggs are weighed and sorted according to size category for AA and  A grade eggs (Jumbo Size, Extra Large Size, Large Size, Medium Size, Small Size and Peewee Size). Each of the sizes has a weight requirement that must be met.Read more

Pasteurization Plant

All eggs arrive from farm hens which are fed diets that include no hormones, no antibiotics and no animal by-products. We use only Grade AA eggs.

To ensure food safety, the process starts with the arrival of clean farm-fresh eggs on sanitized plastic flats.Read more